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  • I absolutely love nature & feel happiest in the woods, by the ocean, in a field of flowers, or under a wide expanse of stars
  • My relationship with God is my key driving force in life & I don't feel content or fulfilled unless I'm deeply connected to Him
  • The teachings, words, & lives of the Ahlulbayt (as) are my greatest source of inspiration... without their love, my life would lose all meaning
  • I'm wired to look for the good in things because life's struggles have compelled me to be an optimist
  • I'm most easily captivated by authenticity, passion, and kindness
  • I absolutely love laughter; the greatest compliment in the world is when someone laughs at my dumb jokes or entertains me with theirs
  • The deepest, purest peace I feel is when I'm in the heart of nature or awake in the middle of the night, reflecting on God and the many mysteries of the universe
  • I love getting lost in a good book or movie; experiencing a story that speaks to my soul is pure ecstasy. Who needs drugs when libraries and theaters exist?
  • I love being around children, especially for the way they remind me of what's truly important. They have this innate simplicity and willingness to be pleased and I think the world would be better if we all kept a bit of that alive in us
  • I love being around people who are different from me, because I enjoy looking at life through a different lens
  • I'm deeply drawn to mysticism in all its forms. I feel most strongly in my element when I'm pondering anything spiritual or esoteric
  • Making my mom happy is one of my primary objectives in life. She's the human personification of an angel, has an amazing sense of humor, faith, and positivity, and I love her with all my heart. She's exactly the kind of woman I want to be someday
  • I have a nerdy inner life full of information I rarely share because I hate coming across as a know-it-all, but God help you if you get me started on a subject I find interesting
  • Of all my senses, my sense of taste is the strongest. I'm really passionate about cooking and I live for a good culinary experiment
  • I'm 100% capable of getting angry, but most things just aren't worth it to me. If someone truly infuriates me, I'd rather calmly walk away than waste my emotional energy on them
  • I'm a mixture of extremely shy and extremely outgoing. I'm equally likely to have a soul-baring conversation with a total stranger or to feel so shy I can barely make eye contact
  • I love reading about paranormal phenomena and am fascinated by anything that doesn't make perfect scientific sense, but I'm also terrified of my own shadow sometimes
  • I think of everyone as a potential teacher because everyone knows at least some things I don't
  • I have a hard time seeing others in pain without feeling compelled to heal or rescue them. If someone I care about is suffering, it tends to keep me up at night unless I can do something to help
  • Growing up, I was a tomboy and still get a massive high when I'm engaging in physical activity; working out, yoga, playing sports, hiking, driving, etc... I love being around people who share my love of adventure
  • I have the two greatest older brothers in the universe. I have no idea how I got so lucky. They're polar opposites of each other, but are genuinely two of the best human beings I've ever known
  • I've been passionate about human rights my entire life, but that passion sometimes destroys me because I feel devastated every time terrible things occur and I realize how powerless I am to stop them
  • At the back of my mind, I'm always worrying about the state of the world and how badly I wish I could make life more equitable and safe for everyone. My main professional goal is to effect positive change by working for a local or international human rights ngo
  • I love the written word and my mind is constantly full of half-written poetry (most of it is cheesy and terrible)
  • My idea of perfect love is finding intense passion and intense trust in the same person, like a safe harbor who sometimes becomes the sea

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