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"With Proper Lubrication, Anything Is Possible"

Remi follows:

before you follow:

  • i'm an adult, so if you're a minor and that makes you uncomfortable, you are 100% welcome to not follow me/talk to me/softblock/ect. seriously. minors feeling comfortable with their own space is important to me and if me being there encroaches on that, you don't have to feel guilty for cutting me off.
  • i suffer from mental illness and have a lot of trauma. i'll sometimes talk about my experiences and things ive struggled with, but i try to remember to warn whenever it's about particularly dark or sensitive topics.
  • I often use the word "queer" to describe myself, and as a general umbrella term in discussions. Good posts that explain why here and here. I try not to use "queer" for individual people unless I know they're fine with it, but if you specifically do not want me to use it for you or in conversations with you, please message me and I'll do my best to remember!!
  • i RT a lot. a Lot.
  • i discuss political and social justice issues every once in a while, and RT relevant topics fairly often
  • i am Extremely picky about people i follow back, and rarely even look through my followers. though i do really really appreciate people who follow me and care about what i have to say!!
  • i fav tweets A LOT. tell me if this bothers you!
  • my memory is abysmal so if i ever fuck up your pronouns or forget something you told me or something, please tell me, and i'm really sorry,,
  • likewise, if i ever say something insensitive or out of line, i'm open to being corrected/discussing it!

do not follow if:

  • you're a terf.
  • you're racist/homophobic/transphobic/ableist/ect
  • you support Donald Trump. this isn't about "differing opinions", it's about that man being a fucking monster and threatening the livelihoods and even flat-out Lives of me and my loved ones and also literally everyone else.
  • you think reverse oppression is seriously real and an actual problem
  • you're under 16 years old. i'd put it higher, but remembering myself as a teenager and how i thought about/viewed content from older "mature" people (and as someone who never checks their followers), i honestly can't stop you from following me/other adults, though i do want to stress how important it is to be very cautious when interacting with older people. the reason i particularly picked out "under 16" is because while i can't stop people younger than that from seeking out/exposing themselves to "mature" content online, i want to particularly advise that people that age and younger refrain from direct interaction with adults as much as possible, especially in such a casual and fairly anonymous setting like social media.
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