mainly fronts


tumblr @shslnvrse

twitter @xixikh



likes - danganronpa, kingdom hearts, music(mostly pop + kpop/jpop + vocaloid), mlp, cartoons, fantasy/magical girl/idol anime, cats, bunnies, deer

mental health - social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, schizoaffective disorder, depression

health - ednos, asthma

triggers - irl dogs

ids -

fluttershy from mlp

mikan tsumiki from super dangan ronpa 2

tsumugi shirogane from dangan ronpa v3

kins -

xion from kingdom hearts

blair waldorf from gossip girl

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feb 24 2020 +

we dont have a name for our system, but here you can read info about us! we're still learning a lot about ourselves tho

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nov 21 2018 +

Kyoko Kirigiri introject and Protector

always 2 years older than the body

Twitter - @sukirigiri


I'm not sure of my gender, but I use she/her pronouns

Likes - witchcraft, tea, tidiness, wearing black or purple clothes, jewelry with stars/the moon

Personality - I talk matter-of-fact online and in messages, but I'm actually non-verbal. I have a connection with the environment around me, when I front I feel like energy is flowing through me. I try to be organized, making lists of things to do.

Characters I associate myself with -

Kendra Hilferty from the Kendra Chronicles Series

Makoto Niijima from Persona 5

Saki Hanajima from Fruits Basket

Tsukumo from Karneval

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feb 24 2020 +

child alter


twitter - @ichigoomae


likes - strawbeeries!!!!! pink stuff, cute stuff!!! sailor moon!! sweetness and lightning!!! fantasista doll!!! zombieland saga!!!!! mikagura school suite!!! sweet candy!!!! pink and pastel color clothes!!!!!!

personality - i have a lot energy!!! i talk with a lot of exclamations!!!!! im very jumpy!!!! i talk with a high cute voice!!!! umm i think thats it hehe

kins -

katia from fantasista doll

lily hoshikawa from zombieland saga

himi yasaka from mikagura school suite

chibi usagi from sailor moon

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