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Lately I've been trying to be less attached to K-Pop scene and treat them as fleeting pastime, however when the muse strikes, I do tweet about them and every once in a while. Friendly warning: I do yell at them in certain ways, and you might mistake it for me hating them (or a him, if that matters).

Anyway, most of the time I talk about Stray Kids and SEVENTEEN. I am also fond of Son Naeun and Lovelyz, along with a bunch of second and third generation groups. A casual listener to everybody and genuinely wish to not see any dramas on my timeline.

I am open to every K-Pop groups, from every generations, companies, name it. I will welcome them to my timeline. Even solo stans are okay to me, as long as you don't attach it with some negative shits because no one has time for that. However I would love to see you being all enchanted by your K-Pop idols, it's cute and lovely.

Oh, I also like Taylor Swift (very obviously), Lana Del Rey, Mitski, Rina Sawayama, Laufey, and many more.

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