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  • Astrology and fashion history have my best interest too, though I don't really talk about them daily but I enjoy discussion about those topics.
  • For safety reason, I have my timeline and notification filtered.
  • I affiliate certain song or thing to certain memory and could go on and on about what kind of emotion it brings me for a moment.
  • I am enchanted by Old Hollywood movies and wish to know more about it by not limiting myself to certain titles with my favorite actresses only.
  • I am very selective when it comes to following or following people back, as this account serves as my safe space and I do avoid certain content appearing on my timeline. I am sorry if I don't return the interaction.
  • I thoroughly enjoy seeing many things and emotions unfold in my timeline. Oh, and I am also fine with spoilers, it won't ruin my watching or reading experience, feel free to strongly express yourself about the ending of this book or that movie!
  • If not watching movies/series or reading books, I love to enjoy some video essays on YouTube.
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