no guarantee i will watch them even if they have all these bits, this list is just a preference list.

  • ♡ samara weaving and audrey hepburn ♡
  • ♡ sofia coppola ♡
  • picturesque scenery, aesthetically pleasing scenes with warm tone, horror metaphor, gloomy places with fog and pine trees, inexplicable events, ghosts are fine
  • complicated storyline would make feel lost, however i love hidden meaning
  • explicit sex scenes are no-no since they make me uncomfortable
  • i avoid certain actor and/or actress
  • i can't really do more than three seasons for series
  • old money and their drama
  • school or academy setting would get a free pass
  • sci-fi, action, war scenes, death of pets are no-no
  • small town, family secrets, autumn vibe
sep 11 2022 ∞
sep 19 2022 +