• I ID heavily with Sasarai and Liu (hence why my accounts seem to revolve around them.) this isn't really a 'kin' thing though.
  • I have a very bad relationship with my mother, I tend to vent about it a lot on this account.
  • Sometimes I switch to this account when I feel uncomfortable on my main, which has been happening more frequently now.
  • I also livetweet on this account.
  • Suikoden is a huge hyperfixation for me right now, so I talk about it very often.
  • Adding onto that, Suikoden Tierkreis is one of my favorite games, so I talk about it a lot, I'm very sorry if you find that to be annoying.
  • Rufa, Sieg and Jale are some of my biggest comfort characters (Sieg being the biggest). So if you see any art of them (or official content. Etc) please show me if you don't mind!!
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