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-everything is alphabetized
-def more 2 these lists but these are just all-time faves

tube follows:
  • jeremy or nicky. i also go by niko, samms, tube, or mac, if you prefer any of those
  • they pronouns. i'm agender
  • i am gay. you can decide what this means 2 you ig
  • 1999
  • INTJ
  • west coast USA
  • red fox therian and wolf-hearted
  • vegetarian
  • i love animals more than anything in the world
  • mentally ill freak. you can ask idc
  • i cuss and use all caps a lot
  • i play the banjo
  • i love airplanes
  • discourse =/= activism... please leave me out of it; thank you
  • this goes without saying but i don't interact with ppl who are genuinely terrible. if i think you're a freak i'll just block you
  • i don't start convos w ppl but you're welcome 2 talk 2 me. i'm super awkward sorry
  • i super love all my friends
  • stay frosty
nov 14 2018 ∞
feb 17 2020 +