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▴ welcome to my listography. please read this before following me/sending me a friend request and preferably before talking to me.

listography + NEW JOURNAL +
  • basic dni criteria:
  • proshippers/batcesters/tcesters
  • you misuse/mock tone tags
  • cryptobros/dudebros
  • you draw/post/retweet nsfw (don't really care if you like it, unless it's incest, pedophilia etc)
  • you are a religious/political account (meaning if you engage in religious/political drama, obviously i respect if you follow a religion)
  • you are a fan of: bnha, dsmp, mcyts, harry potter
  • twitter users who are on stttwt (this does not apply to my moots/my friends/people in my discord server)
  • you are indifferent on transphobia
  • shtwt/edtwt
  • believe that asexuals/aromantics aren't valid

please tell me if i am following someone who is problematic or if i say something wrong!

aug 6 2022 ∞
sep 24 2022 +