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Greetings! We're a plural gateway tribe using listography to provide information on us as individuals. We're multiple, median, currently non-disordered, and of mixed origin.

All the core members (AKA fronting residents) are on the front page, while everyone else's profiles can be found in the archive. If you have a question, feel free to send us an ask on Tumblr (@theheartsoffox).

The Hearts of Fox follows:

Paul is one of the tribe's protectors as well as our ambassador. He is the first person strangers (in real life) meet, and sometimes the last. He aspires to be an actor and a writer.

Full Name: Paul Anderson Fox

Nicknames: Kiki, Pau-Pau

Origin & Type: Spiritual; Soulbond

Roles: Ambassador, Protector, Worker

Gender & Pronouns: Man; He/him

Orientation: Achillean

Age & Birthday: 22; November 12th

Birthplace & Astrological Sign: Earth; Scorpio

Species: Kitsune

Relationship Status: Married (Open)

House: Fox

Occupation: (Other World) Hunter; Writer

Religion: Hellenic Pagan

Last Updated: 11/13/18

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