• this too shall pass
  • only I can define my own happiness and the metrics by which I measure it
  • I am in charge of my own self-worth
  • everything is either a success or simply lessons
  • whatever happens, I'm gonna be okay
  • things eventually fall into place
  • I'm a survivor
  • I'm not responsible for other people's actions. I'm only in control of my own thoughts, emotions and reactions
  • I'm living my life the best way I know and possibly can. That's okay
  • some things are out of my control and that's okay too
  • I deserve to treat myself well. I deserve to love and take care of myself
  • it's ok to walk away from things, people or situations that don't bring me joy
  • I deserve to go after what I want!
  • I deserve to fight and work hard for my own happiness
  • I am worthy
  • I am happy and that is all that matters
jan 8 2020 ∞
jan 25 2020 +