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A currently Sweden based, twenty-six year old lovechild of a Hungarian mother and a Serbian father. Deeply interested in Art and Literature. Likes tea, creativity and too many TV shows.

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Activities, actors or actresses, books, comics, fictional characters, music, television series and other things I have been obsessed with during 2020.

J A N U A R Y —

  • anime – ID:Invaded
  • movies – Star Wars AU ⮞ Chancellor Hux
  • music
    • The Oral Cigarettes
    • The Side Effects by coldrain (album)

F E B R U A R Y —

  • books – Szer'usz világ by Gyula Böszörményi
  • music
    • IZ
    • Thai metal (Annalynn, Ebola, Kluaythai, Nobuna etc.)
    • Tonight the silence kills me with your fire by The Oral Cigarettes (single)
  • television – Wild Kratts
  • webtoons – Lost In Translation by Jjolee

M A R C H —

  • characters
    • Ahsoka Tano
    • Kovit
  • television
    • 365: One Year Against Destiny
    • Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • webtoons
    • I Work for the Matchmaker by iReader
    • Love Like Cherry Blossoms by SNCE
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