Her eyes are filled with stars. I spend my time trying to connect the dots and find the constellations floating around her irises. I found the planets on her body and in her soul. Similar to mercury, at first you may confuse her for stars. Just like the roman goddess venus, she is known for her love and just like the earth, she is life. She breathes beauty into the world with every exhale. So close, yet so far away. Just out of reach, as mars seems to be. She and jupiter have the shortest days of all; perpetual sleepiness sometimes seems to be her defining trait. The curls of her hair are more captivating than saturn’s rings, and all the ice of uranus reminds me of how cold it was the night of our first kiss. And like neptune, she is far from her sunshine. She is more than the solar system. She is entire universes, a million galaxies in one beautiful girl.

jan 2 2019 ∞
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