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From the corner of a neverchanging everyday,
do keep on smiling innocently.
Shall we continue our nonsensical trip?
One by one, one step at a time is fine.


一 basics

  • Laevateinn (LAY · vah · teyn)
  • He | Him
  • Transmasc non-binary
  • EN only. Can understand a little Tagalog, Italian, and Spanish.

My name is Laevateinn (LAY · vah · teen). I'm transmasc and use he/him pronouns only! I'm 17 years old, but I dropped out of school,,

My language is vulgar and I tweet alot. I don't mind spoilers or leaks. I will delete tweets if I felt that it was bad or if the situation has been handled.

Feel free to interact with my tweets, @, or DM me! You're also free to @ me if you need to tag people for raffles.

oct 17 2020 ∞
nov 17 2020 +