- DNF / DNI -

  • The usual dni criteria. (you're racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc.)
  • If you're uncomfortable with me being 22. (Feel free to sb/block if you are!)
  • You're a transmed.
  • You follow / are associated with Margaret (@akecholic).

- BYF -

  • I am very critical of media/fandoms, and my interests are not an exception. If it’s bigoted, creepy, etc. know that I don’t tolerate that.
  • I have social anxiety so it takes me a little bit to warm up to new people. That said, feel free to dm me or interact at any time!
  • Pretty rt heavy.
  • My account is sfw. There may be nsfw jokes but I don't like or rt anything explicitly nsfw.
  • Please tag emetophobia. (tw // emet and tw // emeto will catch it as well so tag it as whatever is most convenient!) It's mostly set off by seeing or hearing it so you don't have to tag text mentions but please tag visual and audio of it. I look at mutuals and followers carrds/lists/etc for things to tag but let me know if I slip up!
  • Please dm me to let me know if I’m following someone bad or if I rt/like from a bad source. I don’t always know, and I appreciate when people tell me.
  • I have a hard time understanding sarcasm. Please tag /s if you can!
  • I don’t tend to say slurs that I can reclaim, but I may occasionally. (I’ll tag if if I do, though.)
jun 22 2020 ∞
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