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  • hogwarts house: slytherin
  • patronous: chow dog
  • wand: hawthorn wood with a unicorn hair core 9 ¾" and slightly springy flexibility
  • blood purity: half blood
  • pet: black cat
  • quidditch positions: games are not really my cup of coffee
  • amortentia: the smell of books and fresh coffee
  • boggart & riddikulus: any type of spider, with lipstick, eyeliner and a funny face
  • mirror of erised: myself and a bag travelling the world
  • best friends: luna lovegood, hermione granger
  • crushes: cedric diggory
  • favorite subjects: core: defence against the dark arts, history of magic, potions | electives: astrology, divination, ancient runes
  • future possible profession: i really have no idea
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apr 3 2018 +