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  • "whenever i read a good book i tend to get too emotionally attached to the characters. and after i've finished reading it, it feels like a relationship just ended."
  • "i like watching emotional movies by myself. when the really sad parts come i can let out all my feelings freely without being judged."
  • "wouldn't the grown-up thing to do be to follow your heart and carve out a life you want for yourself? if you're not happy then you shoud do something about it."
  • "there was a time in my life i made so much effort to fit in. i tried to talk about what everyone else was interested in. i attended things i didn't want to and tried to be as gregarious as possible. i felt a lot of pressure to meet expectations of the extrovert ideal. in those moments, i never felt more alone in my life, and so alienated from myself."
  • "i always doubt that im living up to my full potential. i feel like i should constantly be doing something to improve myself, learning new things, and growing as a person. when will i know it's okay to stop? perhaps never..."
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