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I made this especially for my roleplayer friends, incase they don't know who am i IRP! But also for those of you who read this and want to be friends with me! ♡

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  • Apart from being a cyber account, this account may double as a fangirl account as well as a personal account 'cause i blabbering a lot about anything related to my real life.
  • My sources of happiness are ITZY and MONSTA X. FYI, i do hyping and rt-ing about them a lot so i hope you don't mind with that thing :c And psst. You will get a free friendship coupon if you are a MIDZY and MONBEBE! ˃ᴗ˂
  • I really like fluffy things! Especially cats, kittens and other fluffy animals. Sometimes, i also like to rt-ing about them! (ᐡ。• · •。ᐡ)
  • I do love watching movies! If you are into horror, cartoon, comedy, action, and romance (a lil' bit), then spare your time and watch a movie with me!
  • Lastly, for those of you who know me IRP, maybe i will not look the same as you know in that world. So pardon me if i don't live up to your expectations. (╥﹏╥)
jun 4 2021 ∞
aug 23 2021 +