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Storm ☁ 18 ☁ he / she
kin tropes: sapphic, sleeveless turtlenecks, problematic charas in un-problematic sources

Storm follows:

  • no doubles
  • looking for: anakin, padme, obi-wan, barriss
  • I hated wearing shoes, so I often didn't wear shoes. Obi-wan and Barriss hated it, Anakin thought it was weird but he didn't harp me on it like Master Kenobi did. It helped me feel more in tune with the earth, and I felt that my abilities were greatly compromised whenever I wore shoes.
  • I also sat on tables and on the backs of chairs a lot.
  • I loved fixing machines and ships, and repairing droids. Anakin taught me most everything I knew, although I did learn a lot with my experience.
  • Obi-wan and Anakin never had romantic feelings for each other, they were like brothers to each others and big brothers to me.
  • Obi-wan never had any romantic relations with the Duchess, they were very good friends but Obi-wan was too loyal to the code and too easy to see through to hide it from us. Satine liked romantically him though, and it seemed to make him uncomfortable sometimes.
  • Anakin told me about him and Padme when I asked for advice on resisting romantic relations. We were sitting against a wall, late at night. I'm not sure why we were where we were. I was struggling with my feelings for Barriss, and I figured Anakin would be less of a hardass than Obi-Wan. Unfortunately, Anakin was no help, and I was always too nervous to ask Master Obi-Wan.
  • The mission took several grueling days. It was mentally and physically taxing on us all, and we lost many men. I personally prevented it from being worse that it was with some sort of strategy, but we still failed the mission. Anakin recognized that I was having a hard time dealing with the defeat, and in an attempt to cheer me up we went out for dessert. I had something chocolatey and gooey.
  • I felt Padame's death. I watched her funereal from a building, too far away to be seen and as such, I didn't see much. I cried so much that day.
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