Dinner ideas:

  • classic chicken stew with winter vegetables
  • hands off spaghetti & meatballs (this dish is very delicious, & takes very little effort)


  • option 1:
    • 24hr "omelet" - it's a cheesy puff casserole, & it's the one that takes at least 8hrs to set in the fridge that I was talking about. 
    • candied bacon (the stuff from first watch, I have the recipe)
  • option 2:
    • mini lobster rolls (for you guys, I will likely abstain but they look tasty >.> I'm raiding the Topside cookbook. also why I was considering the pectin: the jam I was going to make works well when combined with something spicy for a cheeseboard that we could munch on during the day, but also works well on rolls if we decide to go a more lunch route for brunch )
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