• i’m horrendous at tagging but i typically don’t put triggering stuff on the tl anyways
  • i can’t see other people as my favorites but especially izumi, tsukasa, or leo. i’m sure you’re valid but i’d rather not interact with you
  • don’t put arashi gender discourse on my tl and if you do tag it as transphobia. i don’t wanna see it
  • ship discourse makes me wildly upset and id rather not see it on my timeline at all. don’t bother me about it either. and stop calling me a proshipper i’m not one
  • likewise if you consider two year age gaps pedophilic i hate you and you should block me now
  • i have all of my discomforts and triggers muted but if it gets past my filters continuously i’ll probably soft block. you can refollow if you want but i won’t fb
  • i don’t like edgy tryhard humor like suibaiting or joking about suicide/self harm in general. please keep it off my timeline. it’s not funny.
  • if you’re blocked don’t ask me to unblock you the answer is no
  • i’m distracted really easily and sometimes i just straight up don’t get notifications ;; i don’t ignore people !
oct 30 2020 ∞
may 3 2021 +