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thank you for clicking my listography! reading at least the top row before giving me a follow would be greatly appreciated❤️

Reagan follows:

whats up! my name is Reagan! i draw and write poetry sometimes, my birthday is december 20th, and i think spring man is pretty cool ❤️

i am:

  • 19 years old
  • nonbinary (they/them please!)
  • bi
  • nd/mentally ill
  • from southern california

i'm very shy and easily intimidated by others, so i have a hard time initiating conversations. i also have memory problems due to ADHD, so if i say something i’ve already said before i usually don’t mean to!

social media:

  • discord: reagybee#3029
  • reddit: u/JusticeAcolyte
  • tumblr: commander-meouch (i have notifs t...
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jun 18 2019 +
  • TWRP*
  • Planet Booty*
  • Ninja Sex Party*
  • Nintendo*
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure*
  • music
  • poetry
  • Game Grumps
  • Disney
  • and more!

⭐️PLEASE don't hesitate to talk about these things with me or ask about my other interests!! i never stop talking about them and i love to meet people with similar interests!

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⭐️please don't follow if

  • you meet typical dfi criteria
  • you ship irl people
  • you like/post homestuck content
  • ask to follow if you know me irl (you know who you are)

⭐️the bad stuff (* = please please please tag!)

  • homestuck* (all content, but ESPECIALLY pictures!)
  • ocean/waves*
  • discourse*
  • animal death/abuse
  • drugs/alcohol
  • death in general
  • irl shipping
  • fire

⭐️a little heads up:

  • please don’t call me rea or reagy (unle...
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⭐️i literally NEVER shut up about music and am always looking for new artists to listen to! if you have any reccommendations please let me know!

TWRP and Planet Booty are my all time favorite bands and i love them sooo much! Ninja Sex Party is my second favorite❤️ here are a few more artists i like (in alphabetical order):

  • Beach House
  • boy pablo
  • Caravan Palace
  • Groove Crusader
  • Jack Stauber
  • Lord Phobos
  • she
  • Studio Killers
  • Yot Club

here are some artists i haven’t listened to yet (but will eventually!):

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