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thank you for clicking my listography! reading at least the top row before giving me a follow would be greatly appreciated❤️

Reagan follows:

whats up! my name is Reagan and I put the BI in Nonbinary. i write poetry and draw sometimes, my birthday is december 20th, and i really like sweets ❤️

i am:

  • 20 years old
  • nonbinary (they/them only please!)
  • bisexual
  • neurodivergent/mentally ill
  • from southern california

i'm very shy and easily intimidated by others, so i have a hard time initiating conversations. i also have memory problems due to ADHD, so if i say something i’ve already said before i usually don’t mean to!

you can reach me here!

  • discord: reagybee#3029
  • tumblr: commander-meouch (i have notifs turned off here, i'm usually inactive for long periods of time and am slow to reply to messages)

lastly, please let me know if you need something tagged or if i do/say/post something that makes you uncomfortable!

jun 6 2017 ∞
dec 20 2019 +