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thank you for clicking my listography! reading at least the top row before giving me a follow would be greatly appreciated❤️

Reagan follows:

whats up! my name is Reagan! i draw and write poetry sometimes, my birthday is december 20th, and i think spring man is pretty cool ❤️

i am:

  • 19 years old
  • nonbinary (they/them please!)
  • bi
  • nd/mentally ill
  • from southern california

i'm very shy and easily intimidated by others, so i have a hard time initiating conversations. i also have memory problems due to ADHD, so if i say something i’ve already said before i usually don’t mean to!

⭐️i’m on a bit of a break from social media at the moment for 2019 but i’m still a little active!⭐️

social media:

  • tumblr: commander-meouch (i have notifs turned off here, i'm usually inactive for long periods of time and am slow to reply to messages)
  • discord: doctorsung#3029
  • if we're close mutuals, feel free to ask for my instagram or snapchat!
  • if you’re viewing this from my twitter page, i am not logging back on at all, sorry!

lastly, please let me know if you need something tagged or if i do/say/post something that makes you uncomfortable! i want everyone to be safe and happy on my social medias and when talking to me! ❤️

jun 6 2017 ∞
may 15 2019 +