✩ don't follow if you fall into the usual dfi criteria (racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, etc.)

✩ i'm an adult and i talk about r18 things, so please no minors

✩ absolutely no sousuke haters allowed, i'm not kidding

✩ i absolutely hate yoi. same goes for klance, rinharu and 99% of all immature rivalships with no relationship outside of "WE'RE RIVALS HURRDURR" - i'm very vocal about that

✩ fiction ≠ reality. if you think adults who explore ~problematic~ things in fiction are doing exactly these ~problematic~ things irl too, please just go the fuck away (no, i do not like pedo ships)

✩ i don't usually reveal what kind of "problematic" things i like, but if i do, i will not disclose my personal trauma to justify why i like exactly these things :)

✩ in addition to that, i really don't give a fuck if you like "problematic" things as long as you don't force people to look at it 24/7 because you have to reduce your entire online presence to whatever thing you're into. like i really dislike noncon but some people like it for whatever reasons, just don't make me look at noncon shit?? same goes for other stuff that squicks people out, just use your brain lmao

✩ please softblock if you break a mutual follow, i won't cause drama but i want to avoid things being awkward between us

✩ sorry if all this sounds really aggressive, i just want a chill life on the internet and i'm too old to deal with childish bullshit. if you're a friend of a friend, you're more than welcome to follow me! i love meeting new people with similar interests!!

jul 12 2018 ∞
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