hi my name is caleb:]

  • i’m a minor so pls don’t be weird!
  • istp-t and scorpio (idk what dis means lol)
  • it/its (male)
  • i’m single 0_0
  • my nicknames are dino and cal but idc what you call me!^_^
  • i’m also neurodivergent and mentally ill so pls be nice to me n patient with me! sometimes i take days to respond to dms/comments.

my triggers are:

  • the song Goodbye To A World by Porter Robinson.
  • derealization and mentions of not being/feeling real.
  • Monster Energy (it’s not cool or trendy. stop encouraging ppl to drink it you’re literally stupid.)
  • yelling, angry tones of voice, or loud noises

Do Not Interact If:

  • you’re under 14 or older than 19
  • you disagree with ACAB or BLM
  • you are racist, misogynistic, or anti-lgbt. (i’m literally gay and half hispanic so idk why you would wanna interact with me if you’re against those things lol)
  • you’re mean or wanna start drama
  • you fetishize any races/cultures or lgbt people.

Current Hyperfixations/Special Interests:

  • Sinjin Drowning
  • Splatoon 2
  • Waterparks (the band)
dec 14 2020 ∞
feb 27 2021 +