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ultra follows:

yo i'm annie and welcome to this absolutely boring rant about myself

lol how do I start this?? umm.. i'm a tiredâ„¢ highschool student that spends the majority of their free time reading, drawing, or playing games on my crappy pc

uhh.. I guess these are other facts abt me idk

  • an age older than 5
  • a girl? i think
  • 5'4'' (ik i'm short shut it)
  • biromantic + asexual
  • INTJ
  • chaotic neutral
  • jan 13th (capricorn)
  • I was born on a friday the 13th oooo scaaary
  • I have a very slight case of OCD
  • I can imitate multiple cat sounds really well
nov 19 2019 ∞
feb 8 2020 +