• tucky (I like this one because there's someone special in my life who says this many times n a row when trying to get my attention, and their voice makes it devolve into ducky. It's cute to me)
  • uncanny
  • pinetree
  • tuck-tuck
  • princey (mutuals only)
  • kitten (S/Os ONLY)
  • tucc
  • tuck o war
  • tucker the fucker
  • nerd
  • fishstick (sol kinnies only)
  • tucker the truck-fucker 3000 (note: i dont do that to trucks, it's an inside joke)
  • fishface (sol kinnies only)

(Any of my Fictonkin names also work!!)

mar 20 2020 ∞
jun 10 2020 +