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hi i love cats and instant noodles

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‣ byf

  • heavy rt + i don't tag anything unless im told to (i generally do not rt/tweet about triggering stuff and if i do i will definitely tag them)
  • multifandom
  • most of my tweets aren't serious At All, im just here for fun tbh
  • i really don't care if something is "cringy" or not. if i like it, i'll talk about it. if i don't, im not gonna give anyone shit over it. we should all enjoy what we love in peace
  • I'm okay with nsfw and all, but personally, my account is mostly sfw
  • i sometimes disappear for a while (mostly only a few days) but it's usually because of uni, so all is good
  • i sometimes like tweets to let people know that i've seen them, so if that's making you uncomfortable, please lmk!!
  • a little selective about follow-backs as i like to interact first before following anyone back
  • i will most likely not follow back if you don't have any extended bio (carrd/listo/twpf)

‣ dfi

  • you fall under the basic dfi criteria, you know, lgbtphobic, racist, sexist, etc etc
  • you repost artworks without permission, proper credits or steal art and claim it's your own, i will instantly block you if you do
  • you post hate/start discourse, sorry i'm too tired to deal with any drama
jan 9 2019 ∞
may 13 2019 +