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I apologize for not being concise. RBYF and Important are must-reads.

Chiara follows:
  • Chi(ara) (pronounced like Kiara)
  • cis♀; she/they; bi; white/Latina; 21; CST; TX
  • i'm not aro or ace
  • i have anxiety
  • don’t like to curse, but will so you know I'm genuinely upset
  • tweet heavy, RT heavy, CAPS heavy, likes heavy
  • like to talk and get very excited easily, so I interrupt a lot (sorry); I also stumble over my words and pronunciations a lot
  • having different main interests doesn't lead me to SB mutuals I like
  • I often forget to tag spoilers, but my DMs are open to All if you need me to!
  • Please softblock to break a mutual.
  • If I do something wrong, please DM me and notify me so I can be better.
  • and another old tumblr are mine but i don't use them anymore
  • discord: vanillvanitas#0279

Sometimes I will take an unannounced break from Twitter. I have done this multiple times, and the breaks often last months. Ask for my contact information from me or a friend of mine.

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