• Tevinter Nights
    • "Three Trees to Midnight" by Patrick Weekes
  • honorable mentions and intriguing concepts
    • "Down Among the Dead Men" by Sylvia Feketekuty
    • "Luck in the Gardens" by Sylvia Feketekuty
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  • Mah dudes. Y'all had me thinking vegan cheese would be nasty but it's DELICIOUS.
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or, a list of things I'd do and go to if I could time travel!

Into the Past

  • Dinosaur Periods
    • ride on a flying pterodactyl
    • paint "I WAS HERE" in a cave from the juice of berries
    • attempt a selfie with a random dinosaur in the background
    • find a way to leave my footprints
  • City of Atlantis
    • explore the geography, the culture, the arts, the relations it had with different countries, etc.
    • visit the temples/religious and spiritual sites
    • locate previous incarnation

Into the Future

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warning: As the title suggests, this contains STRONG opinions. I don't think anything in here is triggering, but you might be offended.

  • Pansexuality IS, in fact, bisexuality. But that does not mean that pansexuality is a bad or invalid term.
  • People should be extremely careful about labeling themselves as asexual, especially those who have:
    • gone through physical or emotional trauma
    • are not comfortable with their bodies
    • have a fear of abandonment
  • Some sub-labels are good and handy, but others are outright toxic (lithsexuality, fraysexuality, etc) to those identifying as such.
  • The God of Abraham exists, but he is far from an all-good deity, and I do not believe he loves anyone. If your love is conditional, as his is, i...
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  • Chapter 6: "Sirius Black"

"So do you have a contraption, then?" he asked eagerly.

"A what?"

"A Muggle contraption!" Sirius cried. He looked almost manic now, his eyes wide and eager. He leaned forward hungrily. "With the rubber wheels and the noisy banging whirring things and the chairs inside that Muggles ride about in!"

"Eh?" Remus was completely lost.

"A...a...you know, a contraption. A clockwork coach, a noise-maker, a wretched cacophonous travesty, a...a...a...a motor!"

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I began with a deep intuition that Acher had rejected second place not because [...] he craved stature or reward but, I felt certain, because he loved God with an intensity that refused limitation. If that was the case, he was to be pitied, not reviled. God broke this man, I thought, and a wave of bitterness swept over me. He created a being with enormous ability and unquenchable love but put a cap on what Acher could achieve--go this far, but no farther. [...] Acher wanted to burn. Yes, surely. He would not have wanted a heaven where he was denied intimacy to God. Had his unraveling not begun in Eden?


I woke up the next day feverish with a sore throat and a nasty cough, and I was soon on antibiotics and ordered to rest. While I lay in my bed, I reflected bitterly on the fact that no medicine could cure what truly failed me. It could no longer be denied.

I was a heretic in my own way, much like ...

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  • character: Remus Lupin
  • area: Hogwarts grounds
  • beast: merpeople
  • being: werewolf
  • book: Prisoner of Azkaban
  • building: Hogwarts Castle
  • canon fact: Remus is a reflection of Lyall
  • class: Divination
  • Deathly Hallows: Elder Wand
  • fandom creation: fanfiction
  • fanon lore: Wolfstar
  • female: Hermione Granger
  • Gryffindor: Godric Gryffindor
  • Hufflepuff: Newt Scamander
  • male: Remus Lupin
  • Ministry of Magic department: Department of Mysteries
  • movie: Crimes of Grindelwald
  • next generation character: Albus Potter
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  • Sometimes, I miss school. I miss being able to spend all day doing nothing but learning new things.
    • Of course, there were a lot of things wrong with school and I wouldn't want to go back unless I just had to.
  • Focusing on lucid dreams.
  • Taking Harry Potter inspired classes (and having the time for that to be a thing)
  • Having enough free time to dedicate all my time to spirituality.
  • Falling in love with history in the fifth grade.
  • Falling in love with fanfiction.
  • Banjo-Kazooie, the bear and bird platonic life partners that helped me learn how to read. As well as Banjo-Tooie's music!


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pre-k to fifth grade

  • pre-kindergarten
    • I was home schooled by my mom, and she made it all into a game. We would pile all of my dolls into a car and drive it down the hallway into her bedroom where we played School.
      • Like, we would set up the dolls around me in a mock classroom
      • I was always the best student, as in she would pretend to scold my dolls for talking hahaha
    • She taught me quite a bit--in fact, when I entered kindergarten the next year, I was ahead of my classmates.
  • kindergarten
    • I remember being scared before going and believing that I would have full-length lockers. Basically, I thought I was being ...
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Being a spiritual person, I've got a lot of different ideas and beliefs floating around in my head. I believe that MOST things have some sort of spiritual significance, and that includes gender identities and sexualities.

I do want to note that MOST spiritual people believe in the innate divinity of masculinity and femininity, but things tend to be very cis-heteronormative. I do not believe that this does a good job of explaining the human experience and is, therefore, not a good way to look at the human experience via a spiritual lens.


  • Root Beliefs
    • I believe that the Universe is All and Everything, and yet Nothing. It is masculine and feminine--but it is also every gender in between and absolutely no gender at...
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I am a spiritual person, and asking me to make a list of the things that I believe is more time-consuming than simple. I believe in many things, and there are many things I believe are possible. In an attempt to make things more organized, there will be at least two parts to this. This is a list that will cover my beliefs about the Universe, the afterlife, and deities.

  • Universe
      • What is the Universe? What does it mean to be one with the Universe? Why care?
    • I believe that the Universe is, at once, everything and nothing. It is the trees and the waterfalls, the black holes and the asteroids. It is life, and it is death. It is you and me. The Universe is absolutely everything possible and everything i...
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  • Move out of Mississippi.
  • Entrepreneurship--and make enough money to where I can sustain with my business.
  • Activism in general, especially queer.
  • Some traveling.
  • Be the best me I can be.
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Books and Poems

  • Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan
    • "i am like
    • a dead begonia
    • hanging upside down
    • because
    • like dead begonias
    • i don't give a fuck
  • xxxxx
  • "Callback" (Tevinter Nights) by Lukas Kristjanson
    • "...hoping their way forward..."



  • "I am not opposed to people thinking about death, or processing it, or questioning it. I think it's amazing and that's wonderful. But what I am opposed to is this notion that you can somehow 'do' death properly. Because this ...__there was no amount of preparation, no am...__ - Claire Wineland, what it feels like to die
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  • Me: I called you because I was tired of you making me be gay alone.
  • Me: Hold on, hold on, I gotta get into the closet.
    • Mitch: ?
    • Me: Okay, I'm in the closet. So, I think the reading was about how I need to come out to my mom.
    • Mitch: *laughs* You went to the closet to tell me you have to get out?
  • Mitch: I had a virgin...I mean version of a hot dog.
  • Mitch: I want to do a spell to boost my anxiety...I mean, wait--
  • Me: I hate to, but I have to get off here.
    • Mitch: You're giving me abandonment issues.
  • Me: I want to tell you something.
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  • Making Gay History: podcast spoken by queer historian Eric Marcus. He has a huge collection of spoken interviews with various queer historical figures, and he shares them with us in Making Gay History.
  • Outwards: Slate's LGBTQ Podcast: podcast that covers an array of modern queer issues, from how kids understand gender and sexuality to conversion therapy to politics.
  • Fat Feminist Witch: podcast about witchcraft, feminism, etc.
  • Inciting a Riot: hosted by the left-wing dirt-worshiper Fire Lyte. He discusses Pagan lifestyle with interviewees from various paths.
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