Note: I never dreamed about marriage or being married, and my "crushes were often more admiration of a person or character than they were an actual crush.

Note: Sorry there isn't much here to this one. I'm trying to go through this book, but I don't want to write in it!

  • from shows, movies, and / or books:
    • Remus Lupin
  • from elementary school:
  • from middle school:
  • from high school:
    • the girl named Brandi
    • Jessica
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  • How would you describe your parents' marriage in a few words?
    • Toxic, abusive, scary.
  • If your parents are still together, what do you think is the key to their success?
    • He's deceased, so they aren't together. There was no good reason for them to stay together.
  • If your parents are not together, how do you understand this decision?
    • I grew up wishing that they would separate because I knew it would be better for everyone. I would have viewed it as a good thing if it had happened.
  • Do you think your parents were happy in the relationship?
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