• He has a bit of a higher standard of living, so to speak, than I do, because he has almost always been more financially stable.
  • He is an older man, so he is generally a lot more experienced than I am.
  • Like most guys, he doesn't deal well with being sick. This can be a problem, though, because with him being an Aquarius rising he is also a hypochondriac and sometimes runs to the hospital over literally nothing. This is in very stark contrast to me, who has needed to visit a doctor for chronic pain for over two years now and still haven't (at the time of typing this out).
  • Johnson finds it a lot easier to express his emotions than I do.
  • Johnson is arguably more romantic than I am.
  • While both of us like essentially all music, he prefers metal while I prefer softer melodies.
  • He loves skulls, whereas I'm not much of a fan.
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