2019: Guys, I was just exploring through my archive and found this list! I'd forgotten about it (seeing as how it was last written in 2016 and all), but I think it's still a good idea for a list, so I'm changing it around.

  • Wake up between 5:00 - 7:00 A.M.
    • Ideas:
      • enjoy the sunrise
      • listen to a "good morning" meditation to have the best possible day
      • have breakfast (don't skip)
      • exercise
  • Get to work.
    • Ideas:
      • write or edit posts
      • create graphics
      • be involved on social media
      • auto-optimize everything
      • look at other people's work
  • Take breaks as needed.
  • Keep areas at least generally clean (and cleansed).
    • Ideas:
      • open windows for fresh air
      • ask for help
  • Remember to study.
  • Remember to socialize with the people you care about (and not just do nothing but work!).
  • Set up your workspace and morning ritual stuff before you go to bed.
  • Go to sleep at 9:00 P.M. (or 10 at the latest).
aug 30 2016 ∞
feb 3 2019 +