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20: broken
21: healing
22: kindness

they were unkind to you. don't let that make you unkind.

daybreak follows:
  • 1/3/19: "to be fair i did that to him too" "but that's different because you had feelings for him" the feelings are still there, i still like him but i can't tell any of you otherwise it will affect our friendship
  • 1/4/19: i stopped asking you to hang out because you don't ever ask me to hang out. even though you would tell me that you don't have work on certain days i don't say anything because of the fear of rejection again. i can't live like this and always be the one who wants to see you, i want you to take the initiative but you don't
  • 1/6/19: i am happy with them but i am not happy with you
  • 1/11/19: i love you but i have to let you go for my own sake
  • 1/13/19: don't tell me that you want to hang out with me when you really don't, don't pretend to care when you don't think about me for a second nor consider my feelings
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