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wake me up when animal crossing is released on the switch

(op of icon deactivated, so if u wanna reblog the picture or smth, check the sans tag on my tumblr and it'll be in there somewhere lol)

Rave follows:

Don't Follow If:

• you fit the normal DFI criteria: racist, lgbtphobic, terf, truscum/transmed, pedophile, cg/l, like ships that are incestual/pedophiliac/abusive or think any of that nasty shit is ok, etc.

• you like South Park, Camp Camp, Detroit Become Human, Boyfriend to Death, Killing Stalking, Attack on Titan, Hetalia or Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

• you follow/interact with biggest-gaudiest-patronuses

• you have a problem with he/him lesbians or she/her gay men

• you support cringe culture

• you're anti-kin

• you're younger than 15


momo challenge

• spiders / arachnophobia

• syringes

• Tsuyu Asui (MHA/BNHA)

'#rave don't look' works just fine too!!

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