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boldness: the personality is set amidst the backdrop of excelling. want to make an impact on the world and project yourself with intense energy and primal power.

    • + adventurous, pioneering, competitive, confident, strong leadership qualities, straight forward, contagious enthusiasm, warm, generous.
    • – attention getting, need for recognition, quick tempered, impulsive, rash behavior, selfish, accident prone.

generosity: expansive and expressive. naturally proud, trusting and loyal. exuberant and showy.

    • + cheerful optimism, honesty, self expressive, energetic, entertaining, good natured, courageous.
    • – selfish, proud, overbearing, pompous, superficial, conceited, boisterous, strong need for recognition.

passionate heart: emotionally headstrong and courageous, red drives the personality to take immediate action on what it desires. giant spirit will push its way through any obstacles.

    • + instinctual, determined, confident, enterprising, affectionate, brave heart.
    • – impatient, self involved, over reaching tendency, excessive, vain, volatile, pushy.
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