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  • need to finishh everything!!!
  • super dennis deyoung
  • i have 7 copies of the same photo wigh his face edited to be different colors lol
    • it al started with blue dennis
  • hope you like me complaining about homework because its nearly finals week & i havent started on aaany of my finals assignments
  • ibe got a bunch of catching up to do!!!
  • why the fuck does charlene ask charlotte if she needs spark plugs to bring to school; what the fuck is a spark plug???
  • update i think its the thing that causes a car to start
    • it "ignites the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber" says wikipedia
  • oh its because charlene owns an autoparts shop;;
    • she says the spark plug thing in the 1st episode & it takes 12 single episodes (not including the shorts) for this to be explained
    • they explain this through an advert in parentnapped & it takes like only 12 seconds of screentime(?)
  • day 26 of wishing making fiends wasnt cancelled uigfhfut7qyfhgf !!!!!
dec 4 2023 ∞
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