• out of all of the characters ive ever designed; i think the angler bunny is my favorite
  • i didnt realize how much people actually hated modern spongebob
  • the onyl thing i will accept as canon from the spinoffs is patrick s parents the old designs were BOOOORRING!!!
  • im sad again & i feel like crying
    • i dont know why
  • !!! bugs crawling in my pants oh my god !
    • no not really
  • im so paranoid i could ki;ll myself
  • i can see fhe green stuff in the corner of my eyes & sometimes its pink i hope i go home & take a nap its happeningg again
  • it keeps happening !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • maybe im just tired but the ground was jittering
sep 18 2023 ∞
sep 19 2023 +