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  • a much more personal account
  • i use blockchains, so if you were wondering why you were blocked that might be why!! :)
  • i mostly ramble a lot about stuff im into
  • sfw acc!!! i just curse a lot sometimes! i dont mind if u post/rt nsfw urself tho
  • if we were mutuals and you noticed that i sb'd you, it might have been because you tweeted/rted something that made me extremely uncomfortable and i'd like to keep my tl safe for my own well-being. sorry!
  • I LOVE MAKING FRIENDS so pls dont be shy to interact!! sometimes im just not sure what to say but i do my best wahho!!!
  • if i miss ur reply im very sorry! my notifs are buggy and dont usually show me all my mentions D:
  • i post doodles and wips here sometimes but i usually rt super cool stuff!
  • i dont rly like drama, so if anything about me ticks you off or something feel free to sb/block me!
  • please sb when breaking mutuals!
  • feel free to rq when locked!
jun 24 2018 ∞
may 23 2020 +