• my name is alex and i'm an animation student
    • bulgarian
  • chaotic neutral/neutral good
    • 97 liner
  • passions include animation, video games, art books and being around animals
    • i'm not very interesting but i get enthusiastic about pretty much anything
  • i love avatar: the last airbender, dragon age and harry potter
    • the uncharted video game series is my favourite in the entire world
  • i love fantasy, sci-fi and science fantasy
    • pringles, potatoes and pop culture enthusiast
jul 10 2015 ∞
aug 20 2018 +


  • bob's burgers
  • brooklyn 99


  • critical role


  • the good place
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apr 19 2018 +
  • so this one time it was my gym teacher's birthday and she had bought cake and she gave a piece to my graphics teacher. but he didn't want it and he knows i don't eat a lot when im in my dorm so he gave me the piece. i ate it alone in the graphics room and just when i was done and drank water he came back with another piece and said it would be for neda. neda doesn't eat cake though and i told him that so he went "well enjoy, again". so lmao i ate that piece. JUST WHEN I WAS DONE NEDA CAME IN AND I TOLD HER ABT WHAT HAPPENED. then our model also came in so we sat down. then. the graphics teacher walks in. with two more pieces of cake. he offered one of the marias but she refused, the second piece he gave to the model. so it was one piece left. and who do u think he gave it to? me. the model didn't have a fork though so i gave her the one i had and sa...
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jan 27 2017 +


  • the lion king

w/ mai

  • something w jake gyllenhaa
  • tekkokinkreet
  • kiki's delivery service
  • koe no katachi
  • in the mood for love
  • the prince of egypt
  • bring it on
  • 100 days husband
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aug 18 2018 +
      • audio stream to f(x)'s 1st Concert
      • video stream for 4 WALLS perfs
        • 151029
        • 151202 (MAMAs)
        • 151007
        • 151030
        • 151108
      • video stream for f(x) perf @ KCON France ...
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