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Are you ready to play the game of love?

Weekly Lovers RP follows:

This roleplay's goal is to give what most roleplayers want (nowadays) : love and affection. Each member will be paired to another member and will be given tasks to complete as a couple. On Saturdays, the couples shall ready themselves as Sunday approaches. Sunday is the day where we are going to reshuffle everyone. After reshuffling, tasks will be given again and so on and so forth. It is not our intention to hurt you. Remember the golden rule.

"Kapag nahulog ka, talo ka."

If you fell in love with someone inside the roleplay-- but that person doesn't love you back, only you will be kicked out. But if you fell in love with each other, then you guys must say goodbye to us. Password: 3 things you like and 3 things you dislike. (Don't worry, this act is only applied to avoid misunderstandings and troubles. We're proud that you found your significant other :D )

So...are you ready to play the game of love?

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