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Are you ready to play the game of love?

Weekly Lovers RP follows:
  • This Roleplay allows limited members every season.
    • Each season lasts up to 1 month or so.
  • We only accept Korean Idols / Celebrities as of now.
  • Avoid interaction with people outside the roleplay.
  • DM the base for concerns (hiatus, semihiatus, quitting)
  • No IRL talks.
  • Strictly one account per soul.
  • Be friendly. Even if you have a partner, please do socialize with others too. Please.
  • Smut is only inside dms.
  • Be sure that you'll be active, atleast 3 times a day. But as much as possible, avoid being inactive.
  • You must reach 14 tweets in 24 hours as soon as you arrive.
  • Ang mahulog, talo.
feb 3 2019 ∞
feb 12 2019 +