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i have all the fics i rec downloaded, so if one of them is deleted or something happens, dm me.

winwinism follows:

taeil x johnny

  • something i need by jenhyung - 11.4k, explicit
    • Youngho loves Taeil. (Or: 11k of sex and feelings)

taeil x taeyong x ten

  • The Future is Fluid by NoContractTermination - 17.1k, explicit
    • Ten and Taeil have the relationship everyone wants but no one knows about. When Taeyong confesses to Taeil in spite of this, the three of them learn to renegotiate and test the strength of what was once thought to be immutable.

taeil x yuta

  • amor fati by jonathcrane - 5.8k, mature
    • "do we really have to hide our relationship, hyung?" was the first thing yuta said when he stepped into taeil’s apartment.

taeil x yuta x winwin

  • Two Is Not the Same by yuwinil - 37k, explicit
    • They say if you're in love with one person and you fall in love with another, you should choose the second person because if you were truly in love with the first then you wouldn't have fallen in love with the second. They also say you can just have both.

taeil x kun

  • Seconda Volta by technocouture - 23.5k, mature
    • Newly employed at his nephew’s school, Kun meets Taeil, a music teacher.
  • Flight Zone by technocouture - 22.3k, explicit
    • Between Taeil and Kun — 16.929 inches.

taeil x jaehyun

  • Between the Clock and the Wall by NoContractTermination - 9.9k, explicit
    • It's Sunday afternoon, and Taeil asks for a massage after coming back from the gym. Jaehyun sits on his thighs and contemplates his own evolution from a fully socialized asshat to an idiot who's unconditionally in love.

taeil x winwin

  • Mask of an Angel by limitlessrose (shinealightrose) - 19.4k (ongoing), explicit
    • Taeil acquires a housemate, and he's not sure whether Sicheng likes him, doesn't like, or just wants to devour him.
  • Lip Mark Me by orphan_account - 2.7k, explicit
    • "I love you, you know," Sicheng murmured into the divot between Taeil's shoulder blades. Taeil's heart skipped at the words. "I know I don't say it enough, but I do."

johnny x reader

  • between the lines by versigny - 3.9k, explicit
    • "I am aware that what I am saying is uncouth, unconventional, and–" "Illegal. Everywhere. For a lot of reasons." "–yes, sure, I will not deny you those… those things. Yes, illegal. But my plea is sincere."

johnny x taeyong

  • thirsty for love by hyuckheis (johnyongs) - 45.6k, explicit
    • taeyong gets matched as a blood donor to an all-powerful vampire who spends too much time on the internet
  • you shine like the stars (you light up my heart) by hyuckheis (johnyongs) - 19.4k, explicit
    • taeyong knows the only reason he's brave enough to sext johnny seo is because it's supposed to be convenient and inconsequential. except it isn't.

johnny x kun

  • callin' by gashinas - 4.5k, explicit
    • The first time Kun makes Johnny come with only words is innocent enough. The second time it happens, Johnny’s really not expecting it.

johnny x ten

  • the luck of a kennedy by idolrapper - 4.3k, mature
    • Allowing Ten to get to him like that, get him in his bed and not just Yuta’s bathroom counter, was Johnny’s first mistake. His second was replying, in his post-coital lovesick daze, "Yeah, I’d love that," when Ten asked if he’d like to keep doing this.
  • fox trap by Kaorinct - 12.6k, explicit
    • It was hard to breathe, hard to think and really, really hard to stop himself.

johnny x jaehyun

  • Scrambled Guts by falloutgirl - 17.8k, explicit
    • Johnny hasn’t noticed him yet, the utter look of concentration on his face telling Jaehyun that he’s so caught up in his workout to even see the rest of the world around him. Jaehyun lets his eyes soak in the sight before him. Lets his mind absorb every single detail of Johnny’s body that he can see. His eyes trace a bead of sweat that trails down from Johnny’s collarbone to his chest, down his tight, toned—oh my god he has abs, Jaehyun’s sex monkey brain supplies—all the way down to his. Oh my god. Jaehyun hears himself gasp.

taeyong x reader

  • Sweetheart ♡ by mrkotter - 33.8k, explicit
    • Alluring stranger Taeyong is friends-with-benefits with your best friend/roommate. But once he lays eyes on you, suddenly it’s your world he’s turning upside down.

taeyong x yuta

  • Rule of Thumb by aqua_vitae - 90.4k (ongoing), mature
    • Taeyong and Yuta plunge into the life of being mates without even knowing each other. Honestly, Yuta knows he would find Taeyong more appealing if he hadn’t accidentally claimed him. But the rule of thumb is that compromise is the language of the devil.
  • Perfect by yourobdtst - 7.2k, explicit
    • The two of them tangle together like second nature, without even thinking about it. It’s natural, how much they touch, considering how long they’ve been Taeyong-and-Yuta to everyone around them. They’re a package deal.

taeyong x doyoung

  • postcode envy by negi - 5.5k, explicit
    • Doyoung spreads open the yellow construction paper kept together by about 50 staples. “I want you to wear it,” he repeats. He steps forward and places the crown on Taeyong’s head, pushing it down just enough so it’ll stay put. He fixes Taeyong’s hair, brings a finger to his chin, and nudges his head up. “You want to be the big, bad king, don’t you?”

taeyong x ten

  • Living Costs by AgentExile - 121k, explicit
    • Taeyong never thought about getting a Sugar Daddy. Not until Johnny accidentally suggested it. He certainly never imagined his new benefactor would be Seoul’s most eligible bachelor - young, attractive, and nauseatingly wealthy Ten. Sometimes, his roommate’s ideas aren’t so terrible after all.

taeyong x jaehyun

  • these things i need by yeolocity
    • taeyong spins again, slowly, trying to brand this into his memory. he runs his hands all over himself, slipping his fingers under the waistband of the panties, skimming over the cut of them digging in to the swell of his bottom, snapping the suspenders against his skin. he gasps, tingles shivering up his spine, and he can feel himself starting to swell with need between his thighs.
  • don't pretend like you don't by orenji - 4.8k, explicit
    • "Don’t," Jaehyun says softly. "The cameras are rolling." He hits Jaehyun’s butt once. He pauses when he hears a loud gasp, when he feels a hand grasp his own gently before letting go. He doesn’t dwell on it right now (he’ll do that later) and delivers five more sharp blows to Jaehyun’s bottom before returning to his room. Or, it all starts when Taeyong accidentally learns that Jaehyun likes to get spanked.

yuta x doyoung

  • when it comes to us by bijyu - 10k, explicit
    • Doyoung, a very traditional omega, doesn't get why Yuta, another omega, is chasing after him. Though he admits Yuta is really pretty...
  • Chains by berryboys - 5.2k, teen
    • Doyoung swears that if Yuta says "no homo" once more, he's just going to kiss the hell out of him.
  • lilacism by s_coups - 38.1k, explicit
    • think: bitter winds, snow capped mountains, silk bed sheets, cold fingers, and the Bolshoi Ballet. think: sharp fangs, the softest skin, blue veins pumping nothingness, dark eyes, and an endangered species. think: doyoung.

yuta x jaehyun

  • dudes before 'tudes by winderland - 4.3k, explicit
    • yuta rolls his eyes. "it’s not gay to jerk a guy off," he says. "it’s just dick. you do it to yourself."

yuta x winwin

  • Delta by minhyukwithagun (deadlylampshades) - 42.8k, mature
    • It’s harder than he thought to be around Yuta. Sicheng wonders if it’s possible to want someone so much that it hurts to look at them. Because that’s certainly what it feels like.
  • Afterimage by technocouture - 20.6k, mature
    • "We're not the same," Yuta repeats, "only one of me."
  • play me your favorite song by taeyomi (buttercream) - 8k, explicit
    • Yuta winks at him, and Sicheng bites back a smile, cheeks coloring under Yuta's gaze. Sicheng looks exactly like what Yuta was hoping for when he left his flat this evening. He’s so damn cute. Yuta wants him.
  • Aftertouch by honEy D (nitori_chan_san) - 20.5k, explicit
    • In which Yuta is not your usual sub and Sicheng not the stereotypical dom, but when they meet at a dom/sub event in a sex club, they’re both more than intrigued.
  • Photograph by berryboys - 13k, mature
    • Sicheng renders him speechless, with his red cherry lips and his twinkling eyes, and Yuta hates him so much.
  • The Feeling Of Anticipation by pxseas - 107.9k (ongoing), explicit
    • Lee Taeyong was the head of the criminal underworld, his power completely undisputed. Well known amongst both other criminals, gang leaders, as well as the general public, Taeyong was one to be feared. No one could truly say they’d been an enemy of 'the' Lee Taeyong, and lived to tell the tale. So naturally, when your Father's reputation continues to precede you, friends were hard to come by for 18 year old Sicheng. A lonely life through high school lead to a desire for more freedom, the chance to live as a normal teenager for the first time ever in his life, possible only by embarking off to university. But will Sicheng find what he's looking for at college? Will Sicheng obtain the freedom he so desperately wants? Or, perhaps, is Sicheng in for more than he bargained for?
  • all that i've lied to you about by harajukucrepes - 8.8k, general
    • Behind the picture he had pinned on the board, there’s a simple sentence in jittery handwriting: I wish you didn’t have to go.
  • your heart ticking like a time bomb by orphan_account - 27.7k, teen
    • It’s 3AM in a Waffle House in California. The quality of the call is so bad that Sicheng can’t even make out half of what Yuta is saying. It’s a pretty random time to fall in love, and later, Sicheng will ask the universe for a re-do— but right now, he just chalks the strange flutter in his chest up to utter exhaustion and waits for his waffles to arrive.
  • across time, across words, across oceans by harajukucrepes - 16.1k, teen
    • Sicheng didn’t just change Yuta’s life—he came and flew him off into a vacuum and Yuta sometimes struggles to remember that he once contemplated a different kind of life once he’s done chasing his Koshien dream here in Tokyo: a baseball coach by day and an owner of a takoyaki place by night, marrying a wholesome Osakan girl (a teacher would be great, for example) and having a baby or two (girl first, maybe a boy later). But in this current life he’s still trying to make it into the Yomiuri Giants regular team in Tokyo and living with a boy in his tiny little apartment.
  • i love me, i like it by magicsoul (cherishiskisa) - 28.5k, explicit
    • He’s about to open his mouth to start up on a generic 'what are you wearing and how can I take it off you' deal, but then he sees something he’d skimmed over before: under 'likes,' Winwin had filled in praise, being called good-looking, attractive, etc. There we go. Yuta rolls his eyes, then says, "So how was your day, handsome?" On the other end of the line, Winwin inhales, just a quiet hitch of breath against the phone. Yuta’s job is way too easy sometimes.

kun x ten

  • sunchoke by flyway - 5.9k, explicit
    • Kun, Ten, and summer at the Sunchoke magazine test kitchen.

doyoung x ten

  • unlikely bedfellows by idlesong - 11.7k, explicit
    • It’s not that Doyoung hates his roommate, but Ten wouldn’t have been his first choice. Things are just bearable enough, however, until Ten’s walking into Doyoung’s room at night and climbing into bed next to him.

doyoung x jaehyun

  • Sublime by pinkwinwin - 9.9k, mature
    • "Hey Jaehyun, have you ever done a body shot before?" Or, Doyoung and Jaehyun explore unconventional firsts together.
  • lesbian loving anti-capitalist, kim doyoung! by nakamoon - 6.4k, teen
    • doyoung is a man of strong beliefs, from being convinced the wealth should be distributed in an egalitarian method to the masses, to believing in the liberation of the modern woman, to thinking starbucks is evil. his problem resides in being a weak gay who wavers whenever jung jaehyun, heir to the jung oil company, is involved. even if he has yuta laughing in his ear about becoming a white man's whore.
  • them's the breaks by negi - 5.3k, explicit
    • Jaehyun learns the fun way that the world of street racing isn't as shiny as he thought it was.

doyoung x jeno

  • Don't Be Silly by sixteenpsyche - 5.5k, explicit
    • Jeno is an adult, but everyone still treats him like a child. Everyone except Dongyoung.

ten x winwin

  • I like head before the sex, don't blame me by Katayangi - 3.5k, explicit
    • Sicheng thought that if he just ignored him long enough, just left his messages unread and kept away from him and his friends, Ten might stop clouding his thoughts and disappear from his mind and maybe even stop existing. It was probably just that Sicheng had no idea what Ten thought about their relationship and how he saw it – he just knew that it was supposed to be kept secret. And this he was good at – hiding. Not a single soul was suspicious and Sicheng didn’t know if that was a good or a bad thing.

ten x lucas

  • sneak out the background by magicsoul (cherishiskisa) - 11.1k, explicit
    • "This restaurant is called Coup de Foudre,” Jaehyun said. “It means love at first sight, or lightning bolt. You two specifically have been calling it Coup de Foutre, which means… something else."
  • too hot to dance by magicsoul (cherishiskisa) - 8.6k, explicit
    • The intercom crackled and Ten’s voice said, "Who is it?"
  • punk right now by magicsoul (cherishiskisa) - 14.4k, explicit
    • "We actually have a very flexible dress code, you know. You can provide your own khakis and whatever red shirt you want, so long as there’s no design and your shoulders are covered. Other branches make their employees wear the exact same shirts.” He huffed like he couldn’t believe it, shaking his head. “Can you even imagine?"
  • baby i'm bad all day by magicsoul (cherishiskisa) - 17.8k, explicit
    • Some movement caught Lucas’s eye: a fugly red Kia Soul was pulling up to the curb and stopping, and out of it stepped Ten, holding an iced Starbucks drink of some sort and wearing the tightest yoga pants Lucas had ever seen in his short life.
  • bang bang delicious by magicsoul (cherishiskisa) - 21.1k, explicit
    • Life comes at you fast: one minute you can be in bed with some amazing twink all over you, and the next you’re just wobbling around naked, chilly, and late to brunch, and also your mouth tastes like garbage.

ten x mark

  • Crazy little thing called Gay by berryboys, linzeigh - 12.8k, explicit
    • God, Mark is so gay. Is it even possible to be this gay and not to realize in eighteen years? He needs a consolation medal for missing out on this.
  • keep your focus on my hips by hyxcheis (thereisnoreality) - 3.2k, explicit
    • Mark lays there for a second, breathing hard and staring up at the ceiling of his bedroom, considering all the life choices that have brought him to this point, to being so hopelessly infatuated with one of his friends that all it takes is a smile from Ten to get him a little hard. Mark’s kinda ashamed but not nearly enough to stop.

jaehyun x reader

jaehyun x winwin

  • hanging on the telephone by hwiplash - 10.2k, explicit
    • The first time, Sicheng's reasonably certain, is an accident.
  • Risk by flirtaeyong - 10.3k, mature
    • As an investment banker, Jaehyun knows the importance of not mixing business with feelings. Including hatred. If only Sicheng, a prodigy investor from a rival firm, would stop looking so damn attractive while stealing Jaehyun's clients.
  • a moment of silence, please by devileye - 5.1k, explicit
    • "Oh," a voice says. It’s breathy and unfamiliar, the only reason Jaehyun glances at the newcomer at all, and then it’s his turn to say it: "Oh."
  • Petal Peddler by attackstance - 8.5k, explicit
    • collection of filled prompts
  • channel surfing by daelos - 15.9k, mature
    • If you're into discovering new music, need company while studying, or are interested in the personal and romantic failings of our hosts, don't miss Johnny and Jaehyun's Night Night radio every Thursday @ 9PM! ("Doyoung, dude, you can't just post this shit!")

jaehyun x mark

  • Week's Worth by SlimeQueen - 3.4k, explicit
    • Jaehyun thinks he's in charge right up until the point that Mark takes his pants off. Then he sees Mark's dick and everything goes to shit.

winwin x reader

  • Now by sluttyten - 7.1k, explicit
    • You recently got dumped, so to help you recover from this your best friend takes you out to a club. Wealthy WinWin gets a little generous on his birthday, offering to buy drinks for everyone in sight, including you. You get chatting, and when you realize he’s interested in you, you figure why not go for a hot rebound.
  • make you mine by sluttyten - 2.3k, explicit
    • after a night out, winwin is feeling dominant and possessive. what better way to show you that you’re his than getting you pregnant

winwin x everyone

winwin x lucas x mark

  • gotta have it by brujsedbones - 5.6k, explicit
    • They are at the stage in their relationship where skirting around issues is impractical, so when Mark comes home and tells Yukhei flat out that he wants to fuck other guys, Yukhei appreciates his honesty.

winwin x renjun

  • daydreamin' by zoo (winren) - 3.5k, general
    • Renjun can't get his best friend's older brother out of his head
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