꩜ too negative. im here in twitter to have fun

꩜ a rad fem

꩜ you think non she/her lesbian are invalid (they/them, he/him, xe/xem, etc)

꩜ you only engage in fanwars... defending your groups is fine but having your whole twitter career dedicated to fanwars. please get a life

꩜ btspopper/bts supermarket, not that yall would follow me but yh anyways

꩜ you hate any people I stan especially RV. its common sense???

꩜ you cant form a tweet without a fancam and especially if you drop your fancams under serious tweets.

꩜ you hate bts. you're not edgy and hating bts isn't a personality trait give it up.

꩜ see I hate armys too but if you're going to make daily I hate army tweets dfi. shut up.

꩜ you wont hold your faves accountable for their wrongdoings and/or silence people for being offended.

aug 3 2020 ∞
aug 31 2020 +