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Puck follows:
  • Name: ???; fake names: ???
  • Age: 30(?)
  • Background: He grew up pretty sheltered with his Vulpin parents who taught him most of what he knows (how to hunt, etc.) As a kit he developed an interest in the arts, specifically in acrobatics, music and small tricks (magic and card tricks). Wanting to experience the world, he eventually left his parents to start living a nomadic life as a traveling entertainer. As a result of prejudice against Vulpin-kind he couldn't make ends meet with just his entertainer act, so he started using his deft claws to steal gold and other small valuables, developing decent pickpocketing and lockpicking skills over time. In all his years he traveled around he joined several circuses and other freaky shows, though more often than not he was fired or thrown out for swiping the valuables of fellow entertainers or customers.
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