• colors of sunsets

pink: softspoken, just wants to read books and listen to music, likes long car rides, has a million interests but bad at managing time, understands others more than themselves, gets depressing thoughts but tries to be happy, avoids everything.

  • the four seasons

spring girls: they make you feel the way your favourite color palette feels. Their eyes remind you of honey. fuzzy lambs and soft animals make them more excited than anything. kisses as soft as dandelions and cheeks that turn pink at the slightest acts of affection. their hair carries flowers and vanilla in the wind. peach daydreams and pretty words that they are too shy to send. telling them your thoughts feels like confiding in the moon. they make you feel the sweetest kind of comfort.

  • the moon phases

waxing gibbous moon: anticipation for tomorrow, earphones in to relax, wild imagination, midnight storms, restlessness, talking on the phone in bed, checking the fridge at 1am

  • people i've fallen for

the leader: mountains and misty forests, curly hair and wild eyes, a desire to learn new things, loud voice and louder laugh, travelling, dreams to be a writer, constantly looking out for other people, kind, just wants to be happy

mr darcy: aloof and sarcastic, strange sense of humour, wanted to be an actor when they were younger, likes children, science nerd, gentle, good listener and a better teacher, likes tea and scented candles, brutally honest

a piece of the moon: philosophical talks at 3AM, alcohol, dancing to slow music, oversized sweaters, glasses, texting, wishes they had more time for reading, always sleepy, good grades, gets attached too easily

  • morning vibes

alarm clock: waking up late, no makeup, coffee to wake you up, cold feet, falling back asleep when there’s a moment, cloudy skies, heavy eyelids

  • fantasy creatures

faeries: loves floral scents, often loses track of time by being in the clouds too much, sings along to the radio, gets sad when they think about their past

elves: eloquent speakers or thinkers, constant sarcastic internal monologue, very competitive but they don’t show it, acts cold but are secretly soft

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