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Hi.. My name is Silent, I'm 22 yr old plant/myco ecologist living deep in the boreal forest. I have a deep love for the natural world, learning, listening, loving, and making pretty things ♡

bg made by friend Wynfred Schäfer

silent follows:
Wynfred art (what I have made)
claudia links
notes (interests)
nektarios art (lamprocapnos)
dew notes
  • Untitled (game) :: A text-based game, built in Twine, about a little forest in a decaying world.
    • Finish story outline.
    • Write profiles for each character.
    • Draw references for each character.
    • Write profiles for each place.
    • Draw a world map.
  • Untitled (album) :: Description
    • Item
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may 30 2018 +
  • Milou (Orphan Alien/Junk UFOs).. My dear dear friend who makes the loveliest dreamiest ambient-type music & other sounds. Her music has always made me want to make my own, and she is one of the sweetest souls ♡♡
  • Ryan (hidden opaque), my husband ♡♡
  • Akira Yamaoka.. The Silent Hill OSTs, beautiful ambient tracks, I cannot say how much it's felt like these comforting sounds are playing in the backdrop of my life. I have never even played any of the games myself, having never owned the consoles needed, and so I cannot say I am a Silent Hill fan! The sounds, though, they speak to me and feel like home.
  • Paavoharju.. Beautiful, mesmerizing sounds, ambience, folky, experimental, I cannot say how but with so many pieces by Paavoharju I feel like my heart has just been encapsulated. When I think of what feeli...
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may 10 2019 +
  • All of my friends who have made lots of artwork..
  • Risa Mehmet..
  • Meng Du..
  • Tin Can Forest..
  • Beatrix Potter..
  • Botanical illustrations..

This is very incomplete. In time, in time..

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  • Bloodborne & Souls..
  • Harvest Moon..
  • Yume Nikki..
  • Neverending Forest..
  • Silent Hill..
  • Games made by my friends..

Films & Series:

  • Mushi Shi

More incomplete ;;;;;;;;

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may 10 2019 +
  • Plant identification, foraging & herbology.. I am studying this right now, I would like to be able to identify any plant that I see, and know what they can be used for, their edibility, their medicinal qualities, properties. I like examining these in the context of alternative/ traditional medicine and disease prevention. I am a firm believer in that food is the greatest medicine.
  • Botanical perfumes.. I make perfumes using plant essential oils, which are without any alcohol or synthetics. I like to collect pretty antique perfume bottles & vials to put my perfumes in
  • Teas.. I like white tea the most, but also green teas, matcha, (plant based) milk teas, aged or fermented teas, and making my own blends with aromatic florals. I also like herbal/medicinal teas.
  • Hiking & camping.. I love sleeping outsid...
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I am presently an undergraduate student at a humble state university nestled in the piney woods. I am majoring in botany & minoring in spatial science. This list is to highlight some of my academic projects:

  • Lab redesign (Fall 2017), contract project -- I worked with a faculty member to redesign a lab of his Plant Kingdom course for the bryophyte section. I was responsible for running the proposed lab myself and then writing a written report offering my feedback and suggestions. The lab itself involved the collection of several local bryophyte specimens, the identification of them using dichotomous keys and basic microscopy tools, and then their proper preparation and labelling for addition to the university herbarium.
  • Herbarium personal collection (Spring 2018), contract project -- As assigned by a ...
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may 10 2019 +
  • President, Botany Interest Group/Student Chapter of the Botanical Society of America (Fall 2017 to present) -- I work as president for a student organization called the Botany Interest Group (later a student chapter of the BSOA). As a group, we seek to promote interest in plants/the sciences, and we host events around the university campus to raise funds (which go toward things like group trips to botanical institutions) and teach people about plants. We also volunteer with faculty-directed conservation projects and hold monthly educational nature walks.. As president, I am responsible for directing and hosting many of the group activities. I also host most of our walks.
  • Intern, Botanical Research Center at Mercer Botanic Gardens (Summer 2018, present) -- I am working over the summer in a full-time internship position to digitize he...
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may 10 2019 +
  • Publish an illustrated regional flora.. Something both artistic and viable for use as a field guide to local flowering plants.
  • Publish a collection of meditative ecophilosophical or nature writings/essays.. I have many thoughts on these things that I think would be valuable to share.
  • Finish my first game and put it out there for others to play.. It would be nice to touch some people or incite in them special feelings or insight.
  • Complete an album of experimental ambience/noise music.. I want to really explore this dream of mine and would like to begin working on this soon.
  • Reach a level of confidence with plant identification for the region I presently live in.. Enough to point out most things I see to others, forage without any fear at all.
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