"i wanted to be your last love. but i know it was not. i know and i hate her for it. i hated her for not caring about me. i hate her for leaving me that night. and i hate myself for letting her go, because if i had been enough, she would not have wanted to leave. she would simply lie down with me, talked and cried. and i would have listened to her and kissed the tears that fell from her eyes." - looking for alaska, 2005.

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  • beatryz! august 10th, brazil, pt/eng. im dancer, lg{b}t. ♌


  • hands on my waist
  • harry potter
  • milk
  • fluffy animals
  • hugs
  • people who speak in a low voice
  • capuccino
  • marie cat
  • flowered dresses
  • super heroes
  • massage
  • coconut shampoo
  • flowers
  • when someone gives me flowers
  • bdsm
  • soft things
  • pink lingerie
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