giovanna she/her bi oct. 12th, '99 libra ger/eng/port-br learning jap/ko

my appearence

    • ⌫ i have freckles ∥ i love to wear bucket hats and rings ∥ black haired G! :D ∥ i have 9 piercings in general ∥ i smile a lot.

talents (i guess)

    • ⌫ i have won a trophy by playing table tennis ∥ i can reproduce the sound of Donald Duck character ∥ i can basically crack all my bones ∥ i can draw ∥ i can eat pretty fast ∥ i'm learning to play the piano.

some of my life experiences (curiosities)

    • ⌫ i have had a long-distance relationship ∥ i have a twin and a lil sister ∥ han jisung and felix has noticed me while they were on live ∥ i had been hospitalized for not being able to take a ring off my finger ∥ i usually pass out when doing blood tests ∥
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