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  • You're ableist/transphobic/racist typical DFI
  • You're anti-kin
  • You use the phrase "don't follow if you think you're me", invalidate doubles, or call other people fakes.
  • You're a minor.
  • If you like Oreimo/Eromanga Sensei.
  • If you call people "antis" because they hate age gaps/incest/abusive ships
  • You say to not softblock or to explain why I need to softblock or unfollow.
  • If you don't believe that multiple systems exist

USERS: Please don't follow or ask to follow if you are in contact with the following users (I won't tell you who you can and can't talk to but they make me extremely nervous to be around). Doesn't apply if I follow first:

  • Tira/Edel/Lucas: @Vritramon/@tatsumikyoudai [This person is my abuser. I absolutely will not let you follow me if you interact with him, this is non-negotiable.]
  • Prism: @rarepairs
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