teamwork makes the dream work.

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jimin's army necklace

joon's speech at the bbma's: this award belongs to the people all around the world that shine the love and light on us by the millions and make bts proud.

jk: i hope you'll all be there with us forever. the 7 of us and you, let's stay together.

yg: i really want to say that everyone in the world is sad, and if we know that everyone is suffering and lonely, i hope we can create an environment where we can ask for help, and say things are hard when they are hard, and say that we miss someone when we miss them.

nj: that's why you should live. because you never know when and how our lives are going to change

th: do you know what purple means? purple is the last color of the rainbow. purple means i'll trust and love you for a long time.

sj: just because someone else is having a hard time, it's not like your own "hard time" isn't as difficult and tiring.

nj: your answers are also inside yourself. you just need to find them.

yg: there's nothing wrong. everyone is equal.

hs: it's hard at times, but it's as if i'm addicted to basking in your love, when i'm awake, i want to hurry on the stage just for you.

th: keep going. no matter if it's even more tiring, learn to endure and step over it.

when joon hurried to twitter to tell that yoongi fell on his butt (and yoongi telling us the whole story).

th: unless you open up and share your feelings, no one can understand what you are going through.

yg: those who don't have a dream, it's okay, you just have to be happy.

nj: they say people live to be happy, if you actually think about what happiness is, it's nothing much. when you get to eat ramen after feeling really really hungry, that's happiness.

nj: i want to cheer myself up by thinking of you guys who have taught me the prettiest expression among the many faces of love.

everyone's calling yoon "lil meow meow". i reached my nirvana.

joon just posted a video with a little crab and that made my day.

seokjin posts on fancafe (he's honestly the funniest person i've ever seen).

joon recently has been answering a lot of people on fancafe and i can feel his warmth from here, i love him so much.

love yourself: answer has been released and the amount of love i'm feeling it's completely insane. i want to give my whole heart to them. i'm able to love myself more and more every day because of you. thank you, bts.

second day of love yourself tour and god, i love them too much. the group hug? i melted. and yoonjoon being the cutest, i love my babies.

baby bunny is one year older :( i hope jeongguk have fun, lots of food and rest a little. i love him so much and he means the world to me. happy birthday, little euphoria!

the love of my life birthday. my day is complete and i'm so happy! joon has been receiving so much love nowadays, i'm so lucky to have him. i love you, namu.

love yourself tour is wild.

i'm so proud. words won't be enough for the feeling i got when i was listening to bts' speech. namjoon and his incredible way to get to my core and guts. they are so important to me and i'm glad i'm alive. they make me a better person every day.

the video bts sent to taehyung on bon voyage. their love for each other still melts me even after all this time.

seokjin's style in bon voyage, he's the best, i love him.

  • jeongguk singing lost stars. i love his honey voice so much.

yoongi in his chicago bulls shirt.

namjoon's selca in glasses. i'm o-okay.

you guys just won the culture medal from the korean entertainment awards. and i'm just completely speechless? i'm so proud of every achievement so far and i love how every single one of them is always beyond my imagination. you deserve it so much, bts.

today is little prince's birthday. my beloved angel who protects the most. i hope you're having the best day, despite being in such physical condition. i love you so much, jimin. happy birthday!

mono has been released and i still don't have a single word to describe it. i've been staring the wall for hours, listening to every song like it's the first time. i truly can't explain what namjoon has that make me feel like this.

seokjin saying how they almost disbanded earlier this year made me cry so much. they went and still are going through so much and even so they stick together stronger than never and i truly can't show how much admiration i have for every single one of them. they're pure love and i'm so grateful for receiving every bit of it. i promise that from now on tears will only be happy tears.

run! bts at the first day of the year

nj: it's 2019. it's gonna be bts' year one more time.

song request has been released and it's one my favorite songs ever?! yoongi really is my source of comfort.

g-grammys? i'm still in awe. bts makes me proud in a way i could never explain. i love them so much.

i'm really excited for map of the soul: persona !!! i feel like it's going to be one of my favorites albums

persona has been released and as i predicted it became one of my favorite albums of bts. i still don't have a favorite song (it's so diverse and i love what each song represents)

highlights: hoseok's verse on jamais vu (and the beat!!); make it right instrumental; persona lyrics; "please give me a remedy, a melody"; mikrokosmos heartwarming vibe (and the fact that i wrote about the stars the day before); "mi casa"; dionysus being exactly the genre i wanted to hear from bts (and hoseok wrote it!); the bass on home!!!

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